Nickname: Azriel
Realname: DJ Azriel
Age: 50 years old
Gender: Female
Location: St. Louis, Missouri



I am DJ Azriel, I'm from the St. Louis area, and I am happy to be with Relay-Radio! Super excited to be a DJ and play lots of groovy tunes for you all!

The music I normally enjoy playing is metal, heavy metal, rock, and alternative. I like to think that I have an eclectic taste in music, and my library is vast. I am pretty sure I have just about everything that might tickle your fancy. Join me on Mondays for Mosh Pit Monday! And Wednesday nights for some eclectic metal/rock.

A little about me :

I'm an old maid living in a small town outside of St. Louis that likes to chat in The Buzzen Sports Bar and cater to her two cat overlords, Max and Elvis. On warm days I enjoy fishing. I hunt turkey and deer during season with a crossbow and enjoy coloring. Yeah, I'm all over the place ;) I also very much enjoy meeting new people. 

So nice to meet you! Let's play some tunes!!

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