Nickname: Ellie
Realname: Ellie aka Sloth
Age: 53 years old
Gender: Female
Location: Canada


Started as  a temp and here we are months later.. still rocking out with all the rock & rock classics with my lil twists ..
My set schedule is 8-11pm est on Fridays  and 8-10pm est on sundays.
My Friday playlists are our Party Night tunes so im usually just rockin out.
Sunday Nights - I love to feature Listeners playlists for the first hour of my show.. so if you want me to play 15-20 of your favorite songs you can message me here on Buzzen, email me or hit me up in The Buzzen Sports Bar .
I love doing Theme type of playlists & I spend alot of time putting my playlists together to make it the best listening experience for you.
Im NOT the greatest DJ.. i fumble my words, i forget shit, my music knowledge is not as extensive as most and i laugh alot on air.. but I always give my 100% .. and im funny. hahaha

Thanks for tuning in & for all your support to Relay Radio & our DJ team ! <3

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