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You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. Those are your friends.

quote by Mark Twain

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Lori Marchant (Posted Aug 6 2023 6:49 PM)

Wow I have been away to long my heart ❤️ goes out to you


cedrus (Posted Jul 13 2023 6:56 PM)

We kicked it with fellow DJ's on Skype after our Saturday night shows. Cocktails and laughs, we jest and it was fun. Good times!!!!!!! You were the listeners favorite Timmy says and Yes you were great! Always wanted to do my Saturday show before you again, We were a great Duo. Tears still fall but my heart knows you now know no pain. Love & Miss You Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 13th 2023


Fooooooker (Posted Jul 13 2023 1:03 AM)

Josh was always so fun to listen to, truly enjoyed listening to him for so many years. Spent endless hours while he was live and on chat rooms having fun with tons of chat regulars, to numerous to mention... you guys/gals know who you are! Josh will be missed by so many and he passed away too early! Rest in paradise Josh, until we meet again in heaven bro!


Ryzo (Posted Jul 12 2023 5:57 PM)

I met Josh at a very tough moment in my life, and he helped me through a lot, helped to bring me out of my shell and make me see that you could have friends that you trusted. I was also very insecure about my sexuality when we first met, but again he managed to make me feel comfortable and confident with who I am. He was a wonderfully welcoming and charming person, with the most amazing voice (my favourite Sizzle Radio DJ), everybody was always so excited to see him enter a Chatroom, and his 80s themed shows always caused a spectacular uproar. He always had me laughing at his incredibly dry jokes, and had me smiling from ear-to-ear. Josh truly was one of a kind, and he will be forever missed by us all. I know that he is looking down at us, beer in hand, Elton John in the background, and just having a good ol' time.


Memphis (Posted Jun 30 2023 9:14 PM)

Josh was truly one of a kind. A gentle and kind soul. I always thought of us two as the devil and the angel on your shoulder. He was brilliant in seeing the best in everyone. He loved his 80s and his Red Sox and his Boston. I have countless stories of famous people coming out of Boston. He would usually finish it up with his funny dry humor and say “let’s not forget Memphis, you had who? Farrah Faucet, right? I have a million stories and none do him justice in sharing what an incredible man and friend he was. I will end by saying I miss you with all of my broken heart Josh. Losing you is painful beyond words. Cheers my dear friend. ❤️ 🍻


Paul (Posted Jun 26 2023 1:35 PM)

Josh one of the good guys may you rest in peace. I thought of you when I watched Elton's UK show at the Glastonbury festival I am sure that this is something you would have loved


Trashy Kitten (Posted Jun 23 2023 5:59 PM)

I’d like to share three stories that come to mind when I think of Josh that are related to him & I. I remember we were all discussing our birthdays one night and I mentioned I shared my birthday with Michael Jackson. Josh piped up and said that was his dad’s birthday too! Every year after that, he always remembered and wished me happy birthday! ❣️ Then a few years back there was a Sizzlethon. All the dj’s played music for 30 mins. Chatters donated all day long. I sat in chat the whole time. I didn’t want to miss a second of it! Josh ended up being the last dj. He didn’t think he’d get many or even any donations as most probably gave already. To get people to start donating, I said that I would match the highest donation during Josh’s show. Josh protested a little bit & said he was just kidding. But I just gently tried to pursued people to donate. Donations came in & Memphis revealed the highest donation was $20. Josh was so excited & thanked me. I had a blast the whole day but the last half hour was the best! ♥️ My third and final story of him and I was this one night when Josh dj’d as usual. But after his show he stuck around. I started to post links in the room of some of the artists I liked listening to. Josh complimented me on my song choices. He was being so sweet & encouraging. He was like that! He just had this way about him to make you feel good. He was so darn likeable. He had a real gentle soul. Josh, thanks for entertaining us & sharing your passion for music with us! Your sense of humour had no bounds. I will miss you my friend! ❣️💋 Eyecu, thank-you for giving us this space to say good-bye to Josh and speak from our hearts! 🫦


Rose (Posted Jun 23 2023 1:29 PM)

The tributes on this memorial page describe Josh perfectly. To know him was to love him. I’m blessed to have called him friend and thankful for all the good times we had. He will always be loved and never forgotten. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and radio family. Always in my heart Josh ❤️


NessieGal (Posted Jun 23 2023 12:01 PM)

I don't really know where to start , i first listened to You maybe 12 years ago when Sizzle was up n running n loved the banter You , LeighLay and Myself had . Then life got in the way n i took an 8 year chat break when i came back to Buzzen i was so happy that You were still a DJ . I would stay up untill 4:30 am on a saturday night just to listen to Your show Crazy i know But just the way You were on air made it worth it LOL . Anyways by now im sure You know how very much Your Missed by everyone on Buzzen saturday nights won't be the same without You . i'm sure You've had a few parties and a lot of laughs with my Darl LeighLay wherever You both may be !! R.I.P DJ Josh !! xx


Glitters (Posted Jun 22 2023 7:14 PM)

Josh was a awesome DJ and always nice and fun with everyone, he would play music for you that you wanted to hear. He will be deeply missed. Rest in peace Josh we miss you so very much. There will never be another like you...Say hi to Leighlay and you too keep the DJ going up there.


Jewls (Posted Jun 22 2023 1:25 PM)

You were a dear friend and I loved you immensely!! From your sense of humor, (so wickedly funny) to your kindness towards others and your music, oh how I loved all of it. You were an amazing man, you were one of a kind and you were so loved by so many!!! Thank you my dearest friend for being in my life, you were one of those treasures I will never forget!!!! See you soon God willing!!!! 💗🙏🏻💗🙏🏻💗🙏🏻


PlainCash4 (Posted Jun 22 2023 10:25 AM)

I was so sorry to hear that Joshy passed away. He was young. I know he is up there with Leighlay and still timing my "drive bys" in buzzen....lol Rest in Peace Josh. We miss you so much.


Miles (Posted Jun 21 2023 7:40 PM)

Josh was a kind, generous spirit with an encouraging nature, a sense of humor and a knack for providing top notch radio entertainment. His contributions to chat, radio stations and the comradery of countless late night skype calls will not soon be forgotten. Not to mention that Elton John is searching furiously for a new number one fan. Those of us who's lives were touched by Josh are all a bit sadder for his loss, yet we have great memories of a good man that will bring a smile in years to come and an appreciation for having known him.


PinaColada (Posted Jun 20 2023 8:59 PM)

Joshy, even tho u lived such a short life, u touched a lot of ppl with ur music including myself. I will definitely miss our fun feuds we had every Saturday 80s shows u had; and now everytime i hear an Elton John song, i will definitely be thinking of you. Saturday nights will never be the same without you. RIP Joshy


Ms-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN (Posted Jun 20 2023 8:58 PM)

sucha shock to hear about joshy,,,,, will majorly miss ur fun spirited voice n persona Joshy! you are going to be sooooooo missed, fly high up there! love n miss you BIGTIME!!!.....(l)


john (Posted Jun 20 2023 8:55 PM)

rest in peace Josh woot !!!!!!!!!


Miyoshi (Posted Jun 20 2023 2:00 PM)

Josh was such a beloved member of our Buzzen family. I am so saddened at his loss and will always hold him in my heart and prayers.


Orlandodoc (Posted Jun 19 2023 10:46 PM)

Josh, over the past ten years you become the best chat buddy I ever had. Thank you for all the laughs, the music (at least 200 Fab 5 songs, lol) and the friendship in Sizzle/Relay radio, in messenger, email and skype. I met you when you were 22 and all the conversations and laughs we had together through the years are burned into my heart and memory. I will always remember as I helped you count down to your 40th birthday (against your will, lol), about or sports team rivalries, and about your love of hummus and mushrooms (hehe). At the time I thought we had many years to watch you grow older with us. To lose a friend so young, is very hard to take. All the wonderful condolences and kind comments left by your friends and fans are a testament to one of the nicest, kindest human beings I have ever met. Blessings to you and your family, Josh. May we meet again, buddy. Love, Doc.


Toodalu (Lisa) (Posted Jun 19 2023 8:51 PM)

So very, very sad to know that Josh has left us. He was a voice in a chat room, played some good tunes, but he was so much more to me. He made me laugh, was always so kind to everyone, even found odd songs I liked and played them. We bonded over Elton and Josh Groban and I always felt a special chat friendship with him. So young to be gone and I will miss him so very much. Rest in Peace sweet Josh, love you!


Brokenarch (Posted Jun 19 2023 8:43 PM)

I'm speechless. I don't really know how to express my sorrow over this news. My condolences to his family, friends and fans.


Ryan (Posted Jun 19 2023 8:05 PM)

Josh was a very nice guy everytime i would change my nic name he knew who it was and he did not care about how many utility flags i had in my collection. he was always impressed when i get inventory done. and you will be forever in my heart aloong with you and Leighlay and thank you for all the Elton John songs you have played for me R.I.P. misss you always


ANGELICA (Posted Jun 19 2023 7:02 PM)

I am in total shock. you are one of the greatest Dj's i ever met. I will miss you my dear friend! I am still in shock since i just heard of your passing a few minutes ago! :'( RIP Josh!


DJ Matty (Posted Jun 19 2023 6:46 PM)

It's so shocking to have lost a dear friend so quickly. It doesn;t seem fair, and I mean for Josh. He had so much life to give and to share with others. I thank goodness though that I will always have him in my heart. Ever reminded everyday through the course of my life with the music he loved and the songs he shared. God Rest Josh, until we meet again,


GermanLady (Posted Jun 19 2023 3:31 PM)

I always looked forward to your shows. You challenged me to find songs that are not played a lot and introduced me to Artists I had never heard before. You made me feel welcome and most of all you made me laugh. You will be missed dearly. Until we meet again. XOXO GL


✿𝕯𝖊𝖊𝕯𝖊𝖊✿ (Posted Jun 19 2023 12:01 PM)

Josh it was such a shock to hear of your passing. Ive enjoyed your humour, your music and your kindness over the past few years. I remember you laughing about stories I told of my mom...and you would ask about her often... you were more than "just" a dj in the room...you were a friend...to many. You will be deeply missed...and my condolences go out to the Relay and former Sizzle radio DJ's ...they are losing "family" ...Until we meet again...Dee


Porchdog (Posted Jun 19 2023 12:47 AM)

Gone way to soon and deeply missed by us all. See ya on the other side.


shocky (Posted Jun 18 2023 9:54 PM)

Sorry to hear ya left us pal loved talkin bout the boston music Scene and aussie stuff!! see ya down the road!


SissyPie (Posted Jun 18 2023 6:27 PM)

It was such a shock to hear of your passing :( you will be so missed


Tweets (Posted Jun 18 2023 6:02 PM)

Josh, This has been such a shock to me my friend. I've always said i'm the luckiest girl in the world to be able to join all you wonderful guys as a DJ but one can never prepare for this.. I will and am missing you like crazy!!! Rest in Peace and Love I will look for you again one day!!! I will do 80's show and think of you every single time and hope you will hear me play the tunes you loved!!! Love You Forever xoxoxo


Dottie (Posted Jun 18 2023 4:09 PM)

Oh Joshie, I don't know where to begin. I loved being the first person in the Relay room on your Monday and Saturday shows and how we would have such wonderful, fun conversations and banter. You did love to tease the hell out of me about my baking and those damn fruitcakes LOL. I am going to miss your sense of humour and your quick wit, you made us all laugh so much. You were such an awesome DJ and an even better friend. You are missed so much already! Rest in Peace my dear, sweet friend! Loves n hugs from Dottie xo


BC (Posted Jun 18 2023 12:57 PM)

Josh, my dear friend. How I will so miss you and our interactions. You always had that deep 'Bawstun' accent and voice, were always so kind and considerate of everyone. And what a fabulous online DJ you were. I adored your shows and I adored you. RIP Love ya, Hotzie...


ozboss (Posted Jun 18 2023 9:13 AM)

Although in the room i would tell ya Josh in here it wouldnt be right. We had a few laughs as did most in Open Minded and Relay and previously with sizzle. I will miss ya dude. RIP Josh m8 and get the party started. TTFN


OulawGC (Posted Jun 18 2023 8:25 AM)

Rest in peace my friend, you were taken from us too early. But e will always remember how you touched our hearts.


DJ Azriel (Posted Jun 18 2023 8:00 AM)

Josh.. you will be so missed. Your passing was a shock to us all, and it showed how very much you were loved. RIP friend.


DJ Tim (Posted Jun 18 2023 1:20 AM)

Rest In Peace Josh I'm so devastated learning of your passing, knowing I will never get to chat with you ever again. You mean the world to me Josh. I have known you since 2003. You are such a loyal loving online friend. I will miss you more than words can say. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Icy (Posted Jun 17 2023 10:46 PM)

he was an amazing person, my heart goes out to his family and close friends. I always remembered him when an 80's song came on and I will always remember him laughing .. 💜


Vincent aka Cowboysfan (Posted Jun 17 2023 10:44 PM)

Josh was my 2nd favorite Patriots fan ... always such a nice guy and fun to be around in chat ... Josh you are missed my friend RIP :(


Reaps (Posted Jun 17 2023 9:05 PM)

RIP Josh may the Angels smile upon you as you bring them great music, like you did for us ehh


Shoes (Posted Jun 17 2023 8:47 PM)

I will never not think of you when I hear the cheers theme song.... You were an amazing person and the best dj, joshy. You will be truly missed my friend... rest easy


katycurly (Posted Jun 17 2023 8:31 PM)

Sorry to hear the passing of Josh.He was a lovely person to talk to always made awesome music for everybody to listen to. We will miss you alot and you are now over rainbow bridge


MissP (Posted Jun 17 2023 8:31 PM)

jj my heart is broken, for so many years you made me laugh and made me smile, we shared some secrets and i came to love you for your care and your patience with my nagging, everytime i hear romeo and juliet i will think of you (l)


DI (Posted Jun 17 2023 8:30 PM)

It has not totally sunk in. My Sat nights will never be the same. We loved all the same types of music. You would play my George Michael and even Adam Lambert on your 80's show. I will miss you so much my Joshy! My deepest condolences to his family and his Relay Radio family. We never met in person but our hearts did. Rest in love , spin up in heaven for me I LOVE YOU and WILL MISS YOU!!!!!


  «Chãin™ (Posted Jun 17 2023 8:30 PM)

I heard this morning ...wasn't a good morning. Josh was quite the funny guy and always there for People, he had a way and adored being around music and people. You will be missed very much my Friend. Rest in peace 💕(´‿`)


AVLEE (Posted Jun 17 2023 8:29 PM)

Saturdays will never be the same. You will be missed. While we never met, in person, I know had we, we would have been great friends. Rest in peace my friend.


err0r (Posted Jun 17 2023 8:14 PM)

I was shocked to hear the news of Josh's passing. He was my favorite DJ. I had so much fun on 80's night over the years. He always showed kindness to everyone. And his sense of humor was top notch. I will miss him. Rest in peace my friend.

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